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The workshop has been busy this Summer with new bangle designs and dragonfly prototypes with ideas at various developmental stages. It is that stage where little has reached fuition as items & designs are being re-worked in different metals and improved upon. 

Recently I have been asked to make some individually designed silver jewellery for Reiki Healers with healing crystal. I chose to use kyanite in its natural state rather than polished because many healers prefer crystal this way although Kyanite does not actually need cleansing, it can benefit from it occasionally. The name kyanite means deep blue in Greek.

I have been working off and on over the Summer on designing some dragonfly protoypes as I have always wanted to have a go at making a dragonfly but have been hesitant due to its small size and fiddly nature for hand tools. Here on the blog is a picture of two of my dragonfly prototypes; a pendant and a brooch.

 silver dragonfly pendant with kyanite (640x512)   

      ABOVE:  Handmade silver dragonfly pendant with natural kyanite   

p1110377 (640x511)

 ABOVE:  Handmade silver dragonfly brooch with natural kyanite


On account of the frequent working of the metal and re-heating, I have used pure silver in the main body and sterling silver for the brooch clasp as it is a harder metal and more suitable for the constant opening & closing of a clasp. I have used natural kyanite in its raw state as the body of the dragonfly and London Topaz for the eyes.  

I formed the wings using a leaf skeleton to imprint the beautiful delicate pattern on the wings and then polished he beautiful pattern of the veins so they stand out in the highly polished silver, I then tumbled it for a few hours to give them strength, durability and a beautiful high shine.

p1110373 (640x512)   

ABOVE:  Handmade silver dragonfly pendant with natural kyanite   

 p1110378 (640x480)

  ABOVE:   Handmade silver dragonfly brooch with natural kyanite

Holistic qualities: As Kyanite is best worn near the throat chakra, I decided to design a dragonfly pendant and a dragonfly brooch using this crystal.  Kyanite helps facilitate channeling but is probably best known for its balancing properties that align the chakras. There is no need to cleanse this stone because it clears itself automatically of negative energies. It is also a very peaceful stone, a stone that gently rebalances one's energy and promotes a healthy and peaceful way of being. The energy of kyanite is very helpful and nurturing in a unique kind of way and can also be of great help to people who have busy lifestyle because it promotes inner balance, as well as protects from negative influences. 

The dragonflies are both very pretty and catch the suns rays when being worn. The holistic Reiki healers were very pleased with the designs and final jewellery items.


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