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Hi everyone,

For the last 4 weeks I have been working on a new collection of Reiki jewellery. 

Cho Ku Rei Pendant

  Looking at my order list, it appears that many of my recent orders are for my Reiki Cho Ku Rei pendant and         with this in mind, I decided to start designing a new collection of jewellery for the other 3 Reiki symbols and to     also include men in the design process, as many men are Reiki Healers.

 I've had an interesting 4 weeks playing about with various ideas .... and quite a few disasters too with an          overzealous flame .... and have come up with some pendant designs. I have still to convert the designs from        pendants to wrist bands for both men & women using leather cord and to also make an alternative design            for the Cho Ku Rei pendant with a copper swirl on a silver background to provide a hightened contrast.

I am pleased with the designs so far although the Dai Ki Myo and the Hon Shah Ze Sho Nen pendant designs     were fiddly with their Japanese kanjis. The little silver wire pieces often leapt off the soldering platform once I       applied the heat from the torch flame and I was left fielding them left right & centre in the studio. Lots of fun!    

Cho Ku Rei pendant 3                   Sei He Ki pendant

  Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen pendant 1        Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen pendant    Dai Ko Myo pendant 2                 Dai Ki Myo pendant

I am going to offer the pendants and wristbands for men and women as either buy straight from the shop site and personally made jewellery to a customer's own design preferences such as choice of gemstones, copper or silver kanjis and sterling silver chain or leather cord. I would be grateful for your feedback if you would like to give me your thoughts via the contact form please.

All that remains is to practise etching the kanji designs into the sterling silver using silver nitrate. I've yet to access a laser printer to be able to do this but as soon as I find someone with one, I will be able to get on with the etching process and to refine it to produce a variety of superb items for all Reiki Healers.

I hope you like these Reiki symbols in fine silver, sterling silver & copper. Avaialble shortly in the shop.

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