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My Story - The Formative Years

Over several years I have been making jewellery to my own designs but it wasn't always as easy as it is now!

Like most of us, I had to start with the basics: buying ready cut metal shapes and earwires, texturising the shapes and learning to put them together. This lead to curiosity of how the earwires were made and wanting to make my own as well as wanting to saw my own shapes from sheet metal. I can admit now that I was unable to saw in a straight line for almost 6 months! It was like the fretsaw was possessed when it got into my hands! I knew I enjoyed doing this, I found it relaxing and I wanted to learn how to do it properly so my items looked would look professional.

Nowadays some years later, I am able to work in sterling silver as I make fewer mistakes and am starting to make more complicated pieces of jewellery. I have had much support from friends over the years who supported me through the formative years and who now tell me that I should be selling my jewellery so with their blessing, I am building this website to share it with others.

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