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Working In The Studio

 dsc_0993 (640x428)This is my little corner of the studio where it all happens! It's great to be able to leave items partly made until I have the time to go back to them. Half of the studio is for jewellery making and the other half is taken up with my painting as I also paint in watercolours & oils which take ages to dry. It's great to be able to leave the paintings to dry without getting pawprints across them like I did when I was working in the dining room!

Sterling SIlver pendant

Recently I have been working much more in sterling silver which has been very satisfying. I finished a commission for a 60th birthday present which was a sterling silver sunflower pendant with a hand-made chain & matching earings which has brought in several more orders. It was the first time I had made a chain in wrapped silver wire with beautiful Thai HIll Tribe sterling silver spacer beads to break up the coils and which set the pendant off nicely. The spacers also prevent the pendant from sliding too far along the chain when worn as well as seating the pendant properly on the chain.

 Sterling silver sunflower pendanr p1080624 (640x480) p1080628 (640x480) p1080613 (480x640)

More sterling silver items

1. Adjustable sterling silver bracelet with cabachon stone. 2 Sterling silver earrings 3. the pendant4. Sterling silver bangle

1. Sterling Silver adjustable bangle with lapis lazuli semi-precious gemstone.

2. Sterling SIlver earrings with a brushed satin finish.

3. Sterling Silver pendant & chain.

4. Sterling SIlver wire adjustable bangle.


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