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Just recently I have been very busy in the studio making lots of small jewellery items which would be suitable for Christmas presents. When I was a little girl I can remember the frustration of not having enough money to be able to buy my mum & grandma anything lovely with the money I had, so with my little customers in mind, I have included some small sterling silver items which can be afforded with pocket money.

They can all be found for sale on my website.


Mother of Pearl Jewellery - Earrings & Bracelets - all sterling silver

    p1090314   p1090316   p1090319   p1090275   p1090259   

                         p1090298   p1090294     


 More Sterling Silver Earrings

Here are an assortment of earrings - both drop and ordinary length.

    p1090327   p1090313   p1090268   p1090328  p1090278  


More Sterling Silver Bracelets

I decided to make some feminine elegant lightweight bracelets for the Xmas parties this year. They are all made from sterling silver with a variety of different designs - there is certainly one to suit everyone.

     p1090290    p1090304  p1090293


Sterling SIlver Pendants - without chains

As some people have their own chains, I have made some pendants to go on the chain of a person's choice which also makes them cheaper. These are lovely pendants with attractive abstract designs, all with bails to fit on another chain.

                             p1090285   p1090309   p1090286


Sterling SIlver Pendants - with chains 

I do enjoy making chains to go with a piece of jewellery as it is more challenging and a lovely chain sets the piece off fully such as the last commission which was for a lady for her 60th birthday. I also made her some matching earrings.

The commission below:

              p1080599 - copy (640x600) (1)    p1080600 (480x640)    p1080613 (480x640)   p1080630 (640x480)


I had some lovely natural coral beads & some gorgeous sterling silver beads which I had ordered from the Thai Hill Tribe in Thailand which I was looking forward to building into a design. I thought they would look gorgeous made into a pendant & chain design.

I particulary like this chain as it is possible to mould the chain into any shape you wish. With this pendant & chain it is possible to change it so that  it suits whatever item of clothing you are wearing. For example, if you are wearing a straight top, you can make the chain flat across so that it is in more of a square shape. However, if your top is V shaped, then you can change the chain into a V shape too to suit the clothing. A very versatile & pretty chain & pendant. 

                         p1090338   p1090333 

 This pendant has a chain too which is designed slightly differently. It has an attractve random pattern to the pendant but the chain has beads arranged 2 inches or so either side of the pendant so that it can move as the wearer moves but it is unable to swing round fully as the beads stop it. The beads also set the pendant off very nicely.

                                                       the pendant (1)

                    If you like any of the items here, you will find them all in my shop on my website:


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