Environmental Footprint

At Serendipity we are very conscious of the cost of using the Earth's natural resources on our future generations. We endeavour to use recycled materials and products whenever possible. All our packaging is made from recycled paper. 
Serendipity offers gift boxes for customers who either want to buy one in which to keep their own jewellery or a way in which to present a gift. The gift boxes are available at the checkout. Just add to your order at the postage section if you want to receive your jewellery in a gift box with a card insert.

A product cannot be shipped from Serendipity to the customer without proper packaging. All our packaging is environmentally friendly. Items that are ordered without a gift box will be posted in a recyclable bubble wrap envelope to keep the item undamaged.

If you select a gift box at the checkout & choose not to keep or re-use it, then please dispose of it in an environmentally conscious way in order to reduce our carbon footprint at Serendipity. Thank you!