The Studio

Serendipity offers a bespoke jewellery service. Just get in touch with your ideas. Jill runs Serendipity and is fortunate to have her own studio where she creates her amazing unique textures and stunning designs. 

Creating Magic In The Studio

Jill creates bespoke pieces on request in the studio working at either her soldering bench, enamelling area or general tool bench. It is here she puts ideas into fruition, from creating beautiful silver bracelets to quirky earrings and fulfills bespoke requests.

Each item of jewellery is made freehand, therefore there may be some slight variation in the designs. This is not to be considered a defect but is an integral part of the natural beauty of each handmade piece and is what makes each item unique. 

Bezel setting

A gemstone is set into a sterling silver surround called a bezel. It is a time consuming job, but one which sets off the beauty of the gem perfectly.


Bangles are one of Jill's favourites as she loves to showcase her range of textured finishes from fold-forming, cold connects, ferric oxide etching, etching, stamping and hammering.

Here she takes her inspiration from the natural environment, using patterns in leaves, reflections in puddles and raindrops as inspiration. Her bangle creations evolve organically with a rustic but modern elegance.

Jill's bangle collection is one of her most successful ranges.

Vogue Magazine has shown interest in this range, wanting to showcase Jill's   "beautiful jewellery in Vogue's Jewellery Box as a hand-picked selection of stunning pieces of jewellery to inspire our 1.3 million readers".

Vendita from Swarovski commented too: "I really really like your copper bracelets"

Serendipity Recycled Packaging

Jill uses specially designed recycled cardboard in her jewellery gift boxes so your purchase has as low an environmental impact as possible. If you wish to have your jewellery delivered in a gift box, then please tick this at the checkout.


Wire wrapping is one of the oldest techniques for making handmade jewellery. Jill loves to work the wire to make connections when creating unique stunning items. 


Torch firing enamel is an exciting, almost magical way of creating a beautiful shiny or matt finish on copper as the enamel melts before the eyes to become molten and instantly creates the desired finish.